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        Guangdong Zhongke Construction Co.,Ltd is committed to researching and developing aluminium formwork systems. We locate in Foshan...
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  Aluminum Formwork System Introduction
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Zhongke attends China International Green Innovati...
China International Green Innovative Product&Technologies Show 2013 held on on November 9 to 12, 2013 in Guangzhou, China. The theme is “GRE...
??????? “董事長王石現在主要抓兩件事情,一件是集團的海外發展戰略,另一件事就是住宅產業化”,佛山萬科相關負責人透露。何為住宅產業化?從本義來講就是要實現住宅生產、供應等的工業化,即用工業化生產的方式來建造住宅。實際上,住宅產業化在西方發達國家的運用已經非常成熟,也就是在住宅的建造過程中大量使...
Adopt the whole aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, high hardness 6061-T6 material, guarantee the template overall intensity, improve turnover... Using TIG welding, effective control of the template overall intensity, reduce template loss, improve product quality... Improve support, and reinforce system, effective control of the concrete physical quality, ensure vertical degree, people...
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